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Our Approach

At CVCFxM we recognize that a team based approach is essential in order for individuals to heal from chronic disease. We work collectively with each patient to address the root causes of illness.


Functional Medicine

We utilize a comprehensive evaluation that includes both one on one discussion and questions that elucidate patterns of dysfunction contributing to the patients’ problem. We then utilize an array of diagnostics including stool and breath tests designed to evaluate root GI imbalances, as well as blood tests looking for underlying patterns of disturbance that otherwise may not be deemed abnormal by traditional laboratory ranges. 

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Functional and Ancestral Nutrition

Using the most powerful medicine on the planet, food, we build an individualized nutritional intervention based upon our deep knowledge of biochemical pathways and what is necessary to support their proper functioning. Combined with an Ancestral perspective we are able to design powerful therapeutic protocols for you specifically.  

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Focused Nutraceutical Supplementation

Often times when dealing with a chronic illness there is a need for focused supplementation to ensure the that the particular systems where stress is occurring are being nourished adequately in order to heal. We rely on only the highest quality therapeutically formulated supplements on the planet.

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Lifestyle Medicine


Conditions We Work With

We work with our clients to structure a well rounded lifestyle to provide the framework for healing to occur. We focus on 7 Relationships we find fundamental to flourishing: Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Movement, Stress Reduction/Management, Community/Environment, Wisdom, and the all important Play.  

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  • Cancer Through Nutritional and Integrative Therapies

  • Chronic Infections including Chronic Lyme Disease

  • Mold Exposure and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

  • Poor Cognition and Cognitive Decline

  • Prenatal and Pediatric Nutrition

  • Digestive Disorders and IBD

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Metabolic Disorders including Diabetes

  • Obesity and Weight Loss Resistance