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New Patients


You're in great hands.

We strive to provide a quality and level of care that is second to none. In order to serve you best we utilize a initial series of appointments.

First, we have a 20 minute On-boarding Call, which allows us to get to know you and inform you more fully about our practice.

Second, we schedule a 75 minute Initial Consultation, which involves the review of an extensive intake questionnaire, 3 day food journal, and in depth consultation with your practitioner to gather vital information about your health.

Third, the clinicians of CVCFxM meet privately together as part of our comprehensive Case Review, combining their individual expertise to create a personalized treatment plan for You.

Fourth, we schedule your first Follow-up, where a CVCFxM clinician meets with you to discuss treatment recommendations and collaboratively construct the treatment plan that best fits your needs moving forward.


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