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Cardio Disease

Cardiovascular Disease


Cardiovascular Disease is one of the leading causes of death in America, usually secondary to another metabolic condition. For instance it is the #1 cause of death for diabetics. Surprisingly however, it is often treated as a separate issue. In reality it is the overarching context of our diet and lifestyles that hold the key to our healing and sustainable wellness. For decades now the US has a been sold a lie that dietary fat and cholesterol are the culprits of Cardiovascular Disease. This couldn't be further from the truth. Inflammation, which occurs heavily in the face of a diet full of refined grains, sugars, industrial vegetable and seed oils, and stress to name a few, is the major player. 

In the face of high blood sugar and chronic inflammation the cholesterol cycling through our body becomes oxidized and hardened. Once this is the case it is possible for it to puncture the lining of our arteries, drawing clotting factors toward it and providing a scaffolding for plaque to build, this is atherosclerosis and hypertension. Conventional medicine blames elevated triglycerides, low HDL, High LDL for it without ever looking into what the root cause of those issues are. You can read a blog I wrote here that shows how these markers and more are positively effected through the implementation of a whole foods, nutrient dense diet that is inline with our genetics, the Ancestral Diet. 

If you face these issues and would like clear guidance that is easy to implement, then let Vital Origins help you on your way back to Thriving. 

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